Aircraft Integration Project Manager

Job Description:


We are currently seeking an experienced Aircraft Integration Project Manager to lead our team at a U.S. Government facility in San Antonio, Texas. This project is expected to begin early-mid 2024.  It will likely  run for 12-15 months and requires someone who places a high priority on safety, customer service, progress reporting, and possesses substantial expertise in overseeing aircraft modification teams. As the Project Manager, you will ensure a safe work environment, maintain excellent customer satisfaction, provide comprehensive progress reports, and supervise a team of 3-6 skilled personnel involved in aircraft wiring modifications.




  1. Safety First:

– Prioritize safety above all else, ensuring strict adherence to aviation safety standards and regulations on the work site.

– Conduct regular safety assessments, identifying potential hazards, and implementing effective safety measures.


  1. Exceptional Customer Service:

– Collaborate closely with customers to understand their specific requirements and expectations for aircraft integration and modification projects.

– Deliver top-notch customer service, promptly addressing concerns, and maintaining strong client relationships throughout the project lifecycle.


  1. Thorough Progress Reporting:

– Develop and maintain comprehensive progress reports, providing transparent insights into project status, achieved milestones, and potential challenges.

– Regularly communicate project updates to stakeholders, keeping them informed and engaged in the project’s development.


  1. Supervision of Aircraft Modification Teams (4-6 personnel):

– Utilize extensive experience in supervising aircraft modification teams to effectively lead and manage a group of 4-6 personnel.

– Foster teamwork, offer support, and provide mentorship to enhance team performance.


Additional Information:

– Location: A U.S. Government facility in San Antonio, Texas.

– Project Duration: 12-15 months.

– Background Check: All candidates must pass a 10-year background test.

– Drug Testing: Candidates must be willing to undergo drug testing.

Job Requirements:


- High school diploma or equivalent.

- 4+ years of experience in a Project Lead role, specifically with aircraft modification projects.

- Demonstrated focus on worksite safety, customer service, and progress reporting.

- Proven expertise in supervising aircraft modification teams and personnel.

- Knowledge of aviation safety standards and regulations.


If you possess a safety-centric approach, excel in customer service, are skilled in progress reporting, and have significant experience in supervising aircraft modification teams, we invite you to apply for this challenging role. As an integral part of our dynamic team, you will contribute to the success of highly important aircraft integration project in our innovative aerospace environment. Apply now and become a key player in our pursuit of excellence!

Applications Instructions:

Send a resume to or apply through this website.

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