Aviation Project Support

In addition to supporting our customers through staffing and recruiting services, Reliance Aerotech Services also has extensive experience providing additional support aspects up to and including complete project support.  We support these projects by pulling together the necessary planning, management, and logistic expertise from our established networks.

Using these assets, along with our full time infrastructure, we develop high quality response models as required. These projects may be supported on time and materials basis or as a flat rate bid depending on what is most appropriate for a given situation, and based on the desires of the customers requesting support. If you have an emerging project needing a high quality solution, we invite you to contact us for a solution proposal.

Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction 2018-2022 - 5 Year Diamond Award

Examples of past project support operations include:

  • Development and installation of a modern wire marking system in a customer facility to reduce production bottlenecks and enhance quality of wire marking product. RAS selected and purchased all the required equipment, assembled the components, trained RAS personnel on the operation in the system and then placed the entire capability in customer’s facility based on an hourly rate for equipment and operators.
  • Development of several properly qualified and trained NDI/NDT teams for inspection of military engines overseas at multiple locations. RAS sourced the NDI equipment, talent, and provided all related travel logistics support at five worksites overseas. RAS sourced the proper NDI talent, developed a formal NDI program, procedure and training routine, and then mobilized team members to quickly perform the inspections in-situ to quickly return more than 100 military aircraft to mission capable status.
  • Mobilization of a 12 person Contract Field Team for one-time inspection of engine main bearing.  RAS sourced engine specific talent, acquired specific training for inspection of turbine engine main bearing, and mobilized teams to perform more than 20 inspections at multiple locations in the Middle East. The Customer provided workspace and special tooling and RAS provided the complete teardown, inspection and reassembly service based on a flat rate (per engine) price.

Learn More About Our Total Project Support Solutions

Learn more about how Reliance Aerotech Services can deliver a total project support solution for your company by using our online RFQ form, emailing us at services@reliance.aero or calling us toll-free at 1-866-622-5086 and select option 1.