Reliance has extensive experience delivering workforce solutions, both directly and as a subcontractor, to small and large government agencies at the federal, state and municipal levels. We understand the special concerns that come with government contracts.

Our government sector support missions range from providing a single MD-500 helicopter mechanic aboard a NOAA science vessel for several months in the Pacific Ocean to providing long-term U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency aircraft support at several locations along the southern border. We are intimately familiar with the regulations and procedures that come with federal contracts, such as the Service Contract Act, DOL wage determinations and government facility badge processing requirements. We also have a significant ability to source and screen former military service members when their unique talents are required. If you need a proven partner on a government support contract, or if you are a federal agency looking for solid support from a labor provider, Reliance will be honored to provide knowledgeable and experienced support from RFP response phase through to contract execution.

Government Success Story

Reliance Provides Expertise for First Ever In-House NASA ARIES Heavy Check

As the line maintenance provider for the NASA ARIES aircraft, Computer Science Corporation (CSC) was looking for a staffing partner with the expertise and experience necessary to assist their line maintainers perform an in-house heavy check of the NASA Boeing 757 for the first time.  Reliance Aerotech Services developed an aviation staffing solution for CSC that delivered a specialized field team of nine technical personnel with the required knowledge and skills to efficiently perform the heavy inspection in the ARIES hangar.  The solution included a Team Leader who was instrumental in planning the inspection process and organizing required inspection tasks.  Reliance personnel worked alongside NASA and CSC employees throughout the inspection expanding the size of the workforce and enhancing the team knowledge base, enabling CSC to accomplish the first ever in-house heavy check of the ARIES 757.

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