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The more knowledge you have, the easier it is for you to make an informed decision . Our Resource Center provides you with everything you need to know about the safety of our cleaning solution and its effectiveness. You can rest easy knowing that doing business with Reliance Disinfection will keep the people you care about most safe and healthy.

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  • Boeing Test Results Vital Oxide (pdf – 44.50 KB)

    From residue to immersion corrosion tests, Boeing covered all the bases on the effectiveness and safety of Vital Oxide Cleaning Solution on their aircraft.

  • Boeing –Scientific Material International (SMI) Independent Testing (pdf – 493.79 KB)

    SMI has been the world’s leader of aerospace materials testing for over 20 years, performing specification testing to military and civilian specifications. Vital Oxide passed their rigorous testing process for effectiveness and safety.

  • Vital Oxide Material Safety Data Sheet (pdf – 347.89 KB)

    It’s important to know how any cleaning solution can impact those who come into contact with it. Vital Oxide Cleaning Solution is proven to cause NO skin or respiratory irritation, contain NO carcinogens, and is non-toxic.

  • Vital Oxide Kill List (pdf – 374.34 KB)

    Vital Oxide Cleaning Solution has been approved by the EPA for use against enveloped viruses, such as COVID-19, negative bacteria, like salmonella, and a number of other harmful substances.

  • Aviation Disinfection Services (pdf – 1.62 MB)

    Get your passengers and crew back in the air with confidence. See why you should choose us and our expertise for your aviation disinfection needs.