Right from our beginning in 1998 we have had a large presence in the aerospace manufacturing sector. From the building of commercial and corporate aircraft to engines and other components, many of the world’s top OEMs are among our customer base today.

We know that aerospace manufacturing operations often differ from those of MROs. Workplace culture, safety and health regulations, employee motivations and the measurement and trending of production metrics are among the many variables that are unique to the sector. OEMs that choose Reliance as their contract labor provider are assured of having a partner who understands these variable and places appropriate importance on them when developing a staffing solution.

OEM Success Story

Reliance Solution Blocks Attrition at Major Aircraft Manufacturing Plant

A staffing company hired by a major engine OEM to source A&P mechanics for a major aircraft manufacturing plant in the United States was negatively affecting aircraft manufacturing production due to a high level of employee turnover. Requests by the OEM to the staffing firm to reduce the high rate of attrition were unsuccessful and a change was required to maintain production capacity.

To find an aviation staffing solution for this manufacturing facility, the OEM turned to Reliance Aerotech Services. Leveraging our experience providing aviation staffing solutions in aerospace manufacturing facilities, Reliance program managers quickly pinpointed problems in the previous program and created a specialized aviation staffing program specifically aimed at providing a stable workforce of high quality A&P mechanics in a manufacturing environment over a three-year period. This aviation staffing solution delivered the quality technical personnel the OEM required and eliminated the high level of turnover that was causing production problems in the manufacturing facility.

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