New Hire FAQ

We believe a well-prepared candidate is the best candidate for the job. These frequently asked questions will help you understand the hiring process and how we can work together for you to be a success in your job.

What types of positions does Reliance Aerotech Services recruit for?

Reliance recruits well-qualified aviation professionals to fill various Contract, Contract-to-Hire, and Direct Hire positions in the aviation industry. We seek A&P Mechanics for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters; Aircraft Engine Mechanics; Avionics Technicians and Installers; Electricians; Structural and Interior Specialists; and aviation management and support personnel. To check out our various opportunities take a look at our current openings on our Aviation Jobs page.

Does Reliance ever recruit “entry level” personnel?

Most of our technical positions require seasoned journeyman level professionals or in some cases subject matter experts. If you are currently in an aircraft maintenance school or have recently graduated it is highly unlikely that we will have a position for you. Even on rare occasions where we do seek entry-level personnel we always source from school staff whom we have personal relationships with to ensure we are getting the top ten percent of grads. So if you are a student looking to work quickly in aviation, our best advice is to graduate top of your class, seek your first job with the help of the placement department of your school, and always be networking with established and successful mechanics/technicians.

What kind of pay and benefits can I expect with Reliance Aerotech Services?

Each contract opportunity is different. Paying people what they are truly worth is an important element in attracting quality aviation employees. We have earned a reputation for offering the best wages for aviation contract jobs. Reliance Aerotech Services also pays on time. All employees are enrolled in a direct deposit program and are paid on a bi-weekly schedule. Additionally, we offer Group Health Insurance, a 401(k) Savings Program with an employer match, Flexible Vacation Pay Program, and an Employee Assistance Program.

How do I secure employment with Reliance Aerotech Services?

You can start by visiting our Aviation Jobs page and submitting a resume. Then a member of our recruiting team will review your resume against customer’s requirements. If your skills and experience line up with customer needs, we will contact you directly for an initial phone screening. During the screening, we will discuss your background and experience, as well as, details regarding the position. If it is determined that your position of interest is a fit, your resume can then be sent to the customer. If you don’t see a position that is a fit for you at the moment, then subscribe to Flightline, our weekly hot jobs newsletter so you see our latest job opportunities.

What happens after my resume is sent to the customer?

One advantage to working with Reliance Aerotech Services is our direct relationship with hiring personnel in the companies we support. Typically your resume will be submitted directly to a Hiring Manager or Human Resources for consideration. You can expect a 2-4 day turnaround, but please be patient. If the customer likes what they see in your resume they could offer you a phone or in person interview.

How can I prepare for my interview?

Interviews can be a stressful experience, but a little preparation can go a long way. The interview allows you to make your first impression with the customer. It is a chance for you to sell yourself and your abilities. Interviews also allow you to exchange information with the customer by asking important questions about the company and position. Our recruiting team can provide you with some interview preparation tips.

I have been selected for a contract position what are my next steps?

Once you have been selected to join the Reliance team you will be required to complete an offer of employment, an application package and in most cases a DOT/FAA Pre-Employment Drug Screen. The offer of employment will spell out important details about the position. The application package can be sent electronically (preferred method) or in hard copy form. Your recruiter will provide additional guidance and details. Once all of your forms are submitted to our Human Resource Office and your drug screen is cleared, you will be ready to mobilize to your assigned worksite.

I am at my contract worksite and need assistance with various issues; who do I contact?

Reliance Aerotech Services values every employee out in the field. We need to know if something is wrong in order to fix the issue. If you cannot reach your recruiter to solve a problem, or need to escalate an issue you can reach the appropriate member of our team. Your recruiter will provide you all applicable contact information. Worksites with larger populations of Reliance personnel also have onsite coordinators that serve as a conduit for communication with company officials. Onsite Coordinators can also assist you with solving issues or getting to the right person for an issue.

What is the process for direct hire positions?

Customers seeking direct hire employees have a long-term need. Reliance Aerotech Services assists these customers by sourcing the best talent possible for the position. Candidates will go through an initial screening process to determine qualifications. The candidate’s resume is then forwarded to the customer for consideration. The customer can then decide to do a phone interview, in-person interview, or both. Your recruiter will assist in connecting you with the customer. If you are selected for the position, the customer will send you an employment offer letter that outlines the position, pay, and benefits. If needed, our team can assist in your negotiation process. It is imperative that you do not directly contact the customer yourself. In many cases direct hire positions are confidential and many of the employer’s own employees are unaware of the direct hire recruiting mission.

Why does Reliance pay biweekly instead of every week?

Our experience tells us that those candidates who have difficulty managing their personal finances while on a biweekly payroll cycle inevitably have other problems while on the job. We use the biweekly payroll interval routine as a very effective way to screen out problem employees. We want you to resolve your money problems prior to going to work in one of our customer facilities, so that your mind will be solidly on your own work product and on making the best possible impression on our customer’s team.