Reliance Aerotech Announces New Corporate Identity Program

Nashville, TN – Chairman and CEO of Reliance Aerotech Inc., Glynn Williams, today announced the Team Reliance group of companies is beginning the implementation a new corporate identity program.

“Reliance Aerotech’s new corporate identity program will enable our organization to better serve our customers and clients by truly reflecting our growing capabilities, position in the industry and aspirations for the future,” said Williams in making the announcement. “Reliance has evolved from North America’s leading independent regional aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul organization to a private equity company with interests and expertise in a diverse range of sectors across our industry.”

“The “^” symbol in mathematics represents the ability to raise numbers to the level of a power,” explained Williams in announcing the new logo. “The new stylized word mark represents both Reliance Aerotech’s upward movement and the multiplier effect it applies to its activities by leveraging the knowledge, expertise and relationships of our people.”

“As we change to better communicate what Reliance does, one thing will remain the same – our ongoing commitment to integrity in our actions, quality and excellence in our work, and customer service,” Williams added. These values have served our customers, clients, partners and employees well over the past six years and will continue to define our relationships within the industry.”

The launch of the new identity program is beginning with Reliance Aerotech Services Inc., an innovator in the provision of outsourced maintenance personnel and integration solutions for the aerospace industry. The new identity program can be viewed online at

Founded in 1998, Reliance Aerotech is a private equity investor and strategic advisor for the North American aerospace industry. With operations in the United States and Canada, Reliance Aerotech leverages the finance, strategy, operations and marketing expertise of its management team to create value in niche segments of the aviation industry for both Team Reliance companies and advisory clients.


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