Reliance Aerotech CEO Inducted into University of Toronto Engineering Hall of Distinction

Toronto, ON – The University of Toronto honoured Chairman, President and CEO of Reliance Aerotech Inc., Glynn Williams today as an inductee into the Engineering Alumni Association Hall of Distinction.  Williams joins a distinguished group of engineering and business leaders from around the globe who have been recognized by UofT for their exemplary career achievements.

“It is a great honour to be recognized by the University of Toronto with this award,” stated Williams at a gala dinner for the inductees. “The members of the Hall have distinguished themselves throughout their careers, not only with significant contributions to their respective fields, but to our communities and our society as a whole.  It is a privilege to share the company of these accomplished individuals.”

Williams was inducted into the Hall of Distinction for his leadership in two fields – aviation and investment banking – with an education that includes three degrees from UofT: a Bachelor of Engineering Science, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration.  His aviation accomplishments include founding the Team Reliance Group of Companies in 1998, a leading independent North American maintenance, repair, overhaul and advisory company serving some of the most prestigious organizations in both the commercial and military aerospace sectors.

Williams’ citation into the Hall of Distinction also recognized his achievements in investment banking and private equity. Williams serves as CEO of Williams & Moore Capital Corporation, a private equity firm he founded in 1991.  His investment accomplishments include being recognized as one of Canada’s leading financial analysts, with over 20 years of experience in venture capital and economic development. Williams helped found and build Newcrest Capital, Canada’s leading independent investment house, which was acquired by the Toronto-Dominion Bank in 2000.

In addition to his aviation and investment banking achievements, the citation recognized Williams for his voluntary service, actively giving back to the community as the director of many charitable organizations and through his generous financial support to these organizations.

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About Reliance Aerotech Services

Founded in 1998, Reliance Aerotech Services is a leader in the provision of outsourced aviation maintenance personnel and integration solutions for the commercial, defense, government, and business aviation markets. RAS leverages technology and processes to provide the highest quality personnel through innovations such as its industry leading employment center, total value assessment program and annual industry surveys.

RAS is a member of the Team Reliance™ Group of Companies, providing dependable repair and overhaul, maintenance, private equity and advisory service solutions for the aerospace industry.


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