Reliance Aerotech Services Launches Industry Leading Benefit Program

Nashville, TN – General Manager of Reliance Aerotech Services Inc. (RAS), Ron Jordan, announced the launch of a new industry leading benefits program, strengthening RAS’ position as the aviation staffing industry’s preferred employer.

The new “Preferred Employer Program” is a result of annual surveys undertaken by Reliance Aerotech since 2003 with both aviation maintenance managers and contract maintenance professionals.  “Our annual surveys showed us that not all contract maintenance workers were the same and the best could be identified” stated Jordan in announcing the program.  “Further research showed that there is loyalty among contract maintenance workers.  The Preferred Employer Program recognizes this fact by further developing our leading benefits program with new initiatives given the highest priority by the people who possess the values and attitudes we and our customers are looking for.”

The Preferred Employer Program follows a detailed 2005 survey in which nearly 350 contract maintenance professionals participated.  New initiatives in Reliance Aerotech Service’s benefits program include a pre-tax, corporately administered Medical Insurance Program including prescription drug and vision discounts as well as wellness care coverage.  “Many firms in our industry say they offer health coverage, but further research shows they are doing little more than offering a phone number where you can call to get your own benefits,” said Jordan.  If we are going to get on a path of professionalism for our industry, we need to provide coverage to ensure our people are looked after.  This initiative responds to the needs of our industry.”

Second, Reliance Aerotech is providing a flexible vacation program that allows employees to bank vacation pay/days for when it’s needed most.  “The best people told us they wanted a flexible program to meet their own needs and lifestyle,” stated RAS Program Manager Darrell Mooney.  “We wanted them to know we’ve listened and have integrated this flexibility into our program scheduling.”

Third, Reliance Aerotech is launching the Reliance Aerotech Virtual Campus in the Spring of 2007.  Free to RAS employees and offered at a nominal cost to aviation professionals who have registered with the RAS Employment Center, the new online training facility addresses the need of contract maintenance workers to be able to upgrade their skills while they travel.  “Among the best aviation professionals in our survey, training was almost as important as medical benefits to keep the best people,” said Jordan.  “We’ve always led the aviation staffing industry in terms of innovation and we’re pleased to assist the needs of our employees and other aviation professionals with this virtual training initiative.”

Reliance Aerotech will be maintaining its other leading benefits programs including a “real” 401k Retirement Savings Program and an Employee Assistance Program.

“We want to be recognized as having the highest quality people and programs in the industry,” stated Jordan.  “By working together, we can create a path of professionalism to lead our industry.”

About Reliance Aerotech Services

Founded in 1998, Reliance Aerotech Services is an innovator in the provision of outsourced aviation maintenance personnel and integration solutions for the defense, government, business and commercial aviation markets. RAS leverages technology and processes to provide the highest quality personnel through innovations such as its industry leading employment center, total value assessment program and annual industry surveys.

RAS is a member of the Team Reliance Group of Companies, providing dependable repair and overhaul, maintenance, private equity and advisory services solutions for the aerospace industry.


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General Manager
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