Reliance Aerotech Services adopts innovative, experience-based employee recognition program

Nashville, TN – Reliance Aerotech Services (RAS), a leader in high-quality aviation staffing and recruitment for more than 20 years, announced the adoption of a cutting edge, experience-based employee recognition platform that is designed to attract and retain today’s best aviation maintenance professionals by rewarding them for loyalty, longevity and achievement.

We are introducing our new recognition program powered by the leading experiential rewards company Blueboard. The program is available to all our employees, and is comprised of six award levels of different value named after historical aircraft. For example, recipients of our first-tier recognition level receive the ‘Wright Flyer Award” while top-tier recipients receive the “SpaceShip One Award.” Recipients choose from experiences such as cooking classes, fishing, couples massages, or weekend getaways based on their award level.

“This recognition platform provides a flexible and customizable network of memorable experiences which allows us to make a lasting impression on employees” said Ron Jordan, General Manager of Reliance Aerotech Services. “Employees who are being recognized use a custom landing page to review and select from an inventory of dozens or unique experiences. Then an assigned concierge at Blueboard works with our award recipients to customize and deliver the desired high-value reward experience”.

Blueboard CEO and Co-Founder Taylor Smith also remarked that “hard-working employees spend so many of their hours and so much of their energy in service of their companies. We love when companies like Reliance Aerotech use Blueboard to reciprocate by investing in their employees’ quality time outside of the office. We’re excited to see what adventures & outings their team chooses!”

This program further demonstrates a strong commitment to employees, and clearly provides yet another example of how RAS differentiates its organization as being a significantly better place to work than the many low-value, “body-shops” that became commonplace before the pandemic.

About Reliance Aerotech Services, Inc.

Founded in 1998, Reliance Aerotech Services (RAS) is a leading supplier of logistics services, aviation staffing, recruitment and aircraft systems integration and modification solutions for the commercial, defense, government, manufacturing and business aviation markets. Providing more than just the best people, RAS provides dependable solutions that deliver results for our customers.

About Blueboard

Blueboard is the world’s leading experiential rewards company. Our experience delivery platform makes it easy for companies to give meaningful employee rewards, incentives, and gifts—from one-of-a-kind to once-in-a-lifetime experiences (think skydiving, dining through Michelin stars, learning to blow glass, or chasing the Northern Lights). We partner with hundreds of Best Places to Work around the globe including Abbott’s diabetes care business, Mixpanel, Segment, Glassdoor, Shake Shack, and Ubisoft to celebrate their top people in a more meaningful way. Learn more at


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